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Pet Boarding & Day Care

Are you worried about where you would leave your pet before your next office tour? Is your entire family going on an overseas vacation and you are worried if any of your friends or relatives will take your pet in? If you often ponder over such questions, then odds are high that you are in need of a pet boarding and day care centre, which will take care of your canine the same way you do it daily.

If you are looking for a safe and affordable pet boarding and day care centre in Chandigarh Tricity area, then your search ends right here with Reva’s Kennel. In terms of features and services, we are way ahead of the traditional pet boarding centres you might have come across in the past. Here are all the things that we do for our furry friends:

  • Only veterinarian approved pet food (or the food that you give us specifically)
  • Well sanitized, clean and hygienic cages
  • An open field for outdoor strolling
  • Controlled playing areas
  • Team of expert veterinarians available 24×7 to mitigate any emergency
  • Grooming services, such as hair-cut and spa

Like humans, dogs are also quite versatile in disposition. While some canines are active and playful, others are submissive and shy. In case you feel that your pet may not adjust to our environment before you head over with your long planned, we have a solution for that as well.

Just for a few days, before you leave for your journey start bringing your pet along with you to our kennel, so that we can allow them to get familiar with other ‘members’. Once your pet begins to feel comfortable with the new environment and friends, you can carry out with your journey as planned without getting worried for even a moment.

We too like to know the habits of your pet before taking them on-board. Their diet and exercise schedule, their nature (whether friendly or docile), their sleeping patterns and sources of entertainment are a few things which help us offer a safe and highly-satisfying stay for your pet.

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