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Pet Grooming and Spa

Grooming pets at home can sometimes be an uphill task. Some pets do not like water, while others run away from shampoos, scissors, trimmers and toothbrushes. This is why expert help is often needed to groom your pets well. We, at Reva’s Kennel, have a team of experienced groomers, who with their friendly demeanour can calm down and make even the most of aggressive dogs relax while they are being groomed. Once the pet starts to enjoy and cooperate, the grooming sessions hardly take any time.

Given below are a few reasons why you should choose Reva’s Kennel for grooming in Chandigarh-Panchkula-Mohali tricity:

  • Your pet’s fur coat will become shiny and healthy
  • Breeds with heavy natural fur coat tend shed a lot less after grooming
  • Your pet will smell great! It will also nullify the bad odour of the anti-ticks collar many pets wear.
  • Regular visits may help detect any infection in the skin, teeth, ears and nails.

Through the above points, we are pretty sure that now you would realize the importance of professional grooming and how Reva’s Kennel can help you in the process.

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